The Price of Incivility is High - Incivility in the Workplace

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Workplace incivility is defined by Porath and Pearson as, ‘the exchange of seemingly inconsequential and inconsiderate words and deeds that violate conventional norms of workplace conduct’. Incivility is costly and far more common than it should be.

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My mother always said, "civility costs you nothing". The message I think she was trying to convey was to always behave well and treat people with respect. This is a fantastic sentiment and something to always keep in mind. The truth is we are all only human and when we are frustrated, hurt or angry, our ability to use emotional intelligence and control our behaviour is often sorely challenged. The truth is that incivility is costly and far more common than it should be.


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Janette Cooper
RN - gastroenterology procedures
Janette Cooper is a registered nurse, currently working as a gastroenterology procedure nurse at Noarlunga Hospital. She has a Bachelor of Nursing, a Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management from Flinders University, and a certificate in Gastroenterology Nursing from The Queensland University of Technology. In 2012 she began a life coaching course with The Coaching Institute in Melbourne. It has allowed her to combine her two passions of nursing and personal development. She divides her time between gastroenterology nursing and promoting personal development and leadership by means of frequently published articles through Ausmed, leadership presentations and workshops and coaching health professionals wanting to develop their leadership potential.
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Meryl May
29 Jul 2021
This is common- sence.
20 Aug 2021
More aware on how behaviour and your reactions to others can have a big impact in the work place,
Magdalena Hope
24 Aug 2021
Interesting and common sense
dean jones
09 Aug 2020
I found this resource to be informative and clear in the delivery of the topics covered .
Rosa Doorley
01 Aug 2021
Denise Spaleck
16 Jul 2021
This resource is valuable an helpful. It is a reminder to work as a team and be supportive in the work place
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