Agency Nursing and Stigma

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The ability of agency nurses does not differ from others. They are equally as accountable and possess the same qualifications as us. Instead of viewing them as unspecialised and uneducated, we must recognise the variety of expertise they are capable of sharing.

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From working alongside and holding a position as an agency nurse, I have concluded that the title 'agency nurse' possesses stigma. In my first year post-qualifying, my initial observations began. Working on a 78-bed ward where staffing was a continuous source of stress meant agencies were heavily relied on. As my experience grew, expectations increased, and I started co-ordinating. This meant I was responsible for other nurses in ensuring they were competent to care for their patients. The temporary staff were from varying backgrounds, some with little-to-no experience in the specialty.


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Florence Bull
Florence Bull BSc (Hons) is a registered adult nurse. She has a background in neurosciences and emergency medicine. Currently she is working as a nurse practitioner in sexual and reproductive health and is an accredited sonographer in early pregnancy. Her work has been published by the Guardian and she writes her own blog, Subcutaneous. Florence has an interest in global health which was sparked by an elective placement in Tanzania during her studies. She aims to pursue a Master’s degree in this field in upcoming years.
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Portrait of Kristina Tita
Kristina Tita
16 Oct 2021
Meishan Liu
29 Jan 2023
I hate to be called that agency etc.
Adedapo Adelakun
17 Feb 2022
A great reflection for nurses.
Portrait of Joanna Heidenreich
Joanna Heidenreich
25 Jan 2022
This is a good article - I found it helpful to remind myself that as an agency nurse, I am qualified to work as a registered nurse, as are my colleagues for the day - so I feel a bit more confident now heading out into agency work.
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