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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Ausmed.com?

Ausmed.com is a platform for health professionals to manage their continuing professional development (CPD), or continuing education (CE). The platform enables live tracking of a learner's progress, and encourages high quality documentation and learning through easy to use software and support.

Thousands of health professionals already use the Ausmed.com website and accompanying Ausmed CPD smartphone app to record their CPD. The service is offered as a companion to Ausmed.com.au, an education platform for nurses and midwives.

How does Ausmed.com differ from Ausmed.com.au?

Great question. There are two key differences.

One: Ausmed.com is a platform designed for health professionals globally, whereas Ausmed.com.au is purpose built for nurses and midwives in Australia only.

Two: Ausmed.com's primary purpose is the planning and documentation of CPD. Ausmed.com.au's primary purpose is education—online learning, and conference and seminar bookings.

Over time, these two websites will become increasingly integrated, however you can continue to use Ausmed.com.au's service without any interruptions. Additionally, you can login to Ausmed.com with your Ausmed.com.au username and password.

Is Ausmed.com free?

Yes. Ausmed.com is free to use.

Documenting CPD

How do I document cpd?

To document a CPD activity, simply click on the blue document CPD button and follow the documentation prompts. Upon completion, your documentation will automatically be saved to your account and your yearly CPD requirement will be updated.

What counts as CPD?

There are a variety of regular activities that can be considered CPD. It can be formal learning such as a postgraduate course, or an opportunistic unscheduled event from your experience that includes reflection on your practice. Examples of CPD include (but are not limited to):

  • Attending a CPD seminar or workshop
  • Attending a conference
  • Watching a video learning activity online
  • Listening to nursing lectures
  • Online CPD for nurses or midwives in general
  • Writing or reviewing educational materials, nursing articles, journal articles, books
  • Completing a self-directed learning package
  • Presenting at an in–service, workshop or developing educational tools
  • Undertaking postgraduate course units which are of relevance to your context of practice
  • Acting as a preceptor, mentor or tutor
  • Reflecting on feedback, keeping a practice journal
  • Participating in clinical audits, critical incident monitoring, case reviews or clinical meetings
  • Participating in a professional reading and discussion group
  • Developing policy, protocols and guidelines
  • Working with a mentor to improve practice
  • Conducting or contributing to research

How do I upload files to my documentation?

Find the documented activity you wish to upload a file to, open the activity and find the evidence section of the page. Click on 'Upload Evidence' to be prompted to choose the file you wish to upload.

How do I write a reflection?

Reflection is an important part of your documentation as it provides evidence of the true impact of the learning upon your practice. Ausmed provides three questions to assist you in writing your evaluation:

  1. Why did you engage in this education?
  2. What were the main learning outcomes?
  3. How will this education change the way you care?

Effective CPD activities are those in which learning is most likely to lead to a change in practice. Therefore any CPD activity should be evaluated in terms of its impact on practice i.e. how did it/will it make a difference? Evaluation reinforces learning and alignment with your learning goals, demonstrates relevance to competency or practice standards and helps you to choose your learning effectively.

Technical Questions

Can I migrate my CPD Organiser across?

Yes. Login to Ausmed.com using your Ausmed.com.au username and click on 'Migrate from Ausmed.com.au' in the account settings tab.

Which professions/countries are supported?

Ausmed.com is currently available for:

  • Nurses and Midwives in Australia

We are working on making our service available for:

  • Nurses and Midwives in the United Kingdom
  • Nurses and Midwives in New Zealand
  • Pharmacists in Australia
  • Dentists in Australia

Does the app and website automatically synchronise?

Yes. The app and website will automatically update each other provided an internet connection is available.

Can I manage multiple professions?

Ausmed.com allows you to easily manage your CPD documentation across multiple professions or endorsements simultaneously. Simply select all applicable professions from the 'Professional profile' section of the settings panel. This will enable the profession assignment field in the documentation flow.

What is an Ausmed Subscription?

An Ausmed Subscription is a new paid account tier that provides you with access to additional features beyond the free Ausmed account tier. It is available as either a monthly or annual subscription. It is designed to help users learn more and comply faster.

What's included in Ausmed Pro

There are two core benefits available with an Ausmed Subscription: access to premium online education and access to advanced features. An Ausmed Subscription is designed to help you learn more and comply faster. More information about inclusions is available on the Ausmed Subscription landing page.

Can I continue to use the free Ausmed CPD app without an Ausmed Subscription?

Yes. You can continue to document your CPD for free and access the free in-app CPD articles. Ausmed Subscription content and Ausmed Subscription features will be clearly marked throughout the app. The documentation functionality of Ausmed.com and the Ausmed CPD app will remain free of charge.

Can I cancel my Ausmed Subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your Ausmed Subscription at any time. Simply login to your account, navigate to the settings page, click on the Ausmed Pro tab and click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ link.

What happens to my documentation if I cancel my Ausmed Subscription?

If you cancel your Ausmed Subscription, your account will simply revert back to the free tier. You will still be able to document CPD and access the free CPD available on the platform. However, you will no longer have access to the premium educational content, or the advanced compliance tools. All of the information and learning you documented whilst actively subscribed to Ausmed Pro will remain unchanged and available in your account.

Can I use my Ausmed.com.au Subscription?

Yes. Access to Ausmed Pro is included in your Ausmed.com.au subscription. To unlock this access simply login to your account, navigate to the settings page, click on the Link Ausmed.com.au Account tab and link your accounts. Once you do so, your subscription and documentation can by migrated over to ausmed.com.
You can continue using ausmed.com.au and ausmed.com in parallel. However, if you cancel your Ausmed.com.au subscription, this will also automatically cancel your access to ausmed.com.

How do I unlock Ausmed Subscription in the app?

An Ausmed Subscription works across both the ausmed.com website and Ausmed CPD smartphone app. Subscribing to an Ausmed Subscription on the Ausmed.com website will also automatically unlock the premium content and features in the app.

What will happen to my ausmed.com.au account?

Nothing. Your Ausmed.com.au account, documentation and subscription will remain in its current state. We will simply make a copy of your documentation on ausmed.com.

Please contact ausmed@ausmed.com.au if you have any questions, suggestions or would simply like to provide feedback. Thank you.