Nurses are known to have a wicked a sense of humour. However, when shiftwork starts getting the better of a once jovial nurse, it is no laughing matter. Miserable nurses create miserable workplaces, which is particularly worrying in environments where the rotating shifts can be, at times, unrelenting. This session looks at how you, as a nurse, can infuse humour back into your shifts and, in so doing, create a better working environment for yourself, your colleagues, and your patients.

Recorded: 15 Mar 2018


Very good presentation -- 18 Apr 2018
This was hands down the best video I have watched in a long time. I wish all work places could listen to this to. And in turn incorporate the learnings to make hospitals/health care facilities positive and happy places to be despite people being sick. I loved it! -- 16 Apr 2018
GOOD Info -- 15 Apr 2018
Really uplifting and light Great to hear -- 12 Apr 2018
Great to see that laughter has such good effects. -- 11 Apr 2018
It was interesting -- 09 Apr 2018
Great -- 08 Apr 2018
Very good -- 07 Apr 2018
v interesting -- 06 Apr 2018
Interesting and helpful to improve my self care and build better relationships. -- 05 Apr 2018
GOOD -- 04 Apr 2018
very impressive presentation. -- 01 Apr 2018
This is an interesting topic which has changed my thoughts that I should always look very sad when I work with patients in hospitals. If I am relaxed, I could make my patients feel relaxed, and vice versa. -- 31 Mar 2018
Very knowledgeable recapping the way that I work in a team. -- 31 Mar 2018
I admired the educator as in the face of adversity she produced a positive attitude professionally but also privately through her own life difficulties. -- 29 Mar 2018
Educator is easy to understand and kept my attention throughout -- 27 Mar 2018