Would you notice any red-flags from a patient or client's diet? And, how would you initiate a conversation about it? This session with Katie King touches on nutrition in vegan and vegetarian diets, zinc, iron and b12 deficiencies, how much water we should be drinking and much more.

Recorded: 22 Feb 2018


brilliant! helped with my basic knowledge, which helped with the gaps in my knowledge base.. this has inspired me to find other issues and other engaging articles which will help support my knowledge -- 19 Apr 2018
fantastic information given .. however there was a "buzzing which was quite off putting...and i had head phones on, generally a very good information lecture -- 19 Apr 2018
Great and informative -- 18 Apr 2018
Simple overall explanation of what foods are needed to improve clients nutritional status and importance of making gradual, achievable changes to food habits. -- 18 Apr 2018
Enhanced my knowledge on nutrition and it's importance to. Patients in their recovery -- 17 Apr 2018
A good lecture. -- 13 Apr 2018
Great take home messages. -- 12 Apr 2018
Good -- 06 Apr 2018
Excellent information -- 05 Apr 2018
Very helpful and informative and easy to understand -- 04 Apr 2018
Good -- 04 Apr 2018
This was very helpful. -- 03 Apr 2018
I found the nutritionist easy to follow and very informative. It will be a great help to me in my job -- 31 Mar 2018
Reduced quality of sound in recording. Otherwise content was informative and useful. -- 27 Mar 2018
An interesting topic and it is very relevant to working with the elderly.We have to modify many diets to suit very different residents to ensure optimal dietary and fluid intake is maintained. -- 20 Mar 2018
An interesting topic personally and professionally. -- 18 Mar 2018
The content of this resource was very beneficial and easy to understand covering many vital areas. -- 16 Mar 2018
Very easy to understand, very relevant when caring for the elderly and others. -- 16 Mar 2018
Some great strategies for nurses to educate patients on healthy eating. -- 16 Mar 2018
It is vital not to ignore vitamin deficiency for it does play a superb role on vitality of our health. Respect to an individual point if view like their self esteem should be considered during the assessment process. -- 14 Mar 2018
The lecture was useful for its structured review of nutritional deficiencies with numerical outlines -- 14 Mar 2018
Covers many aspects of nutrition focusing on the role protein has to nutritional health -- 13 Mar 2018