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The Skin Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from The Skin Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Changes to the health of the skin are commonplace and generally affect a person’s life. Yet, conditions of the skin are often poorly understood and seen as something only relevant to specialised areas. This conference offers a timely opportunity for all nurses to refresh their knowledge about the skin. Discover:

  • How to identify common skin conditions
  • Tips for accurately describing a rash
  • Red alert - medicines that cause skin reactions
  • Australia’s national cancer - skin cancers that kill
  • Practical tips on how to correct apply topic treatments
  • Individualised cosmetic treatment options across the lifespan
  • Benefits and indications for laser, injectables and much, much more…

Reviews of Lectures

"Makes you think of all the skin types one sees in a day!"

"I felt this topic was interesting in my line of work in a general practice. It has probably opened up an area of interest."

"Educator well paced and informative"