Everyday Ethics for Nurses Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Everyday Ethics for Nurses Conference.

Recorded Lectures

Introduction to Conference

Nurses experience challenging situations every day that are likely to involve some sort of an ethical decision being made. You may not even realise that the decision you’re making involves ethical considerations as the focus of many nurses often turns to fearful legal consequences. This timely event considers real, everyday circumstances and demonstrates how an understanding of ethics can assist you to feel more satisfied with the decisions you are required to make. Topics include:

  • The art of disclosure - what to share, to whom and how
  • Managing family expectations when there is no hope of survival
  • Who gets the shrinking resources?
  • The use of restraints - whose need is being met?
  • Dealing with unethical and incompetent behaviours of others
  • It’s legal BUT is it ethical?

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Reviews of Lectures

"Very good introduction to ethics however may have benefited from more health related examples to assist in the application of these principles."