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Nursing Adults Aged 85+ Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Nursing Adults Aged 85+ Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Increasing numbers of people are living beyond 85 years of age and this population is set to grow substantially over the next few decades. This will have profound implications on the way you, as a nurse, provide care. Are you ready for an even larger older population? Are your nursing skills required to care for the adult aged 85+ up-to-date? Attend this conference and learn:

  • What is trauma-informed care of the older adult?
  • How do normal age-related changes correspond to behavioural changes?
  • Is it really dementia?
  • What do you do when wounds won’t heal?
  • Why is cardiac disease often undetected in very old people?
  • Can the microvascular complications of diabetes be diverted?
  • How can you prevent hospital readmission and much, much more…

Reviews of Lectures

"Educator appeared very nervous and made a lot of speaking errors, I wasn’t comfortable watching her, she was very knowledgeable about the subject however."

"I enjoyed this presentation. Presenter seemed a little nervous but well informed at same time. It has provide details me with knowledge I can use on a daily basis."