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Type I Diabetes - Nursing Young People Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Type I Diabetes - Nursing Young People Conference.

Introduction to Conference

According to Diabetes Australia, ‘Type 1 diabetes accounts for 10% of all cases of diabetes…’ This condition mainly affects people under the age of 30 years and is primarily diagnosed in children and adolescents. Find out:

  • Latest evidence on care of children type 1 diabetes
  • How this condition is diagnosed
  • Preventing and managing hypoglycaemia
  • Responding to an emergency! Ketoacidosis
  • Cystic fibrosis related diabetes
  • Disordered eating in type 1 diabetes
  • What it is like being a parent of a child with diabetes - support and care
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Reviews of Lectures

"Gained excellent insght regarding Diabetes clasification, especifically regarding Type 1 Diabetes, diagnosis, complications, management and nsulin treatment options, injections and pumps, costs and risks, pancreas response. Excellent overview."

"Enjoyed the lecture excellent overview"