The Clotting Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from The Clotting Conference.

Recorded Lectures

Introduction to Conference

Nurses working in any area are likely to care for people who have or at risk of developing a blood clot. While prevention is paramount, are you confident that you would be able to recognise and respond to a patient who developed a clot? Attend this two day conference to refresh your knowledge on causes and clinical management of specific types of clots. Includes:

  • How do you know your patient has a clot?
  • ‘The Clotting Cascade’ - understanding coagulation
  • ‘Stop the Clot’ - Update on anticoagulant agents and other medicines for VTE prophylaxis
  • What’s the connection between hormones and clotting?
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) - a complex conundrum?
  • Stopping clots and other complications associated with CVADs
  • The correct use of compression socks and stockings and much, much more

Reviews of Lectures

"Great information. I am intrigued by the information regarding the risk of thrombus using the blood products with clotting factors, withholding the NOAC before surgery, the new reversal agent for dabigatran, and that no bridging is required when withholding the NOAC."

"Useful and practical information."

"Content was relevant and concise."