Trauma in Aged Care - Nursing Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Trauma in Aged Care - Nursing Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Have you ever considered the cascade of events that affect an older person after a traumatic incident? This conference looks at precursors to incidents and consequences of trauma in older people. Includes:

  • How to identify risks for trauma
  • What are the ‘hot-spots’ for minimal trauma fracture?
  • What is the fracture cascade?
  • What types of head injuries result from falls?
  • Which medicines cause risk and what can you do about it?
  • How infections cause trauma
  • How can you divert aggressive behaviour following a trauma?
  • After the trauma - what next?
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Reviews of Lectures

"A very good presentation with real-life examples! "

"really worthwhile viewing for the acute nurse looking after elderly patients in a palliative, medical or post op setting"

"The information was presented in a professional manner."