Melbourne Nurses' Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Melbourne Nurses' Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Every year Ausmed Education holds a nurses’ conference specifically designed for your location aimed at assisting you to get rapidly up-to-date on current nursing topics. Attend this local nurses’ conference to gain a broad range of clinical and professional updates relevant to your practice. Take time out and network with like-minded colleagues. Find out:

  • What are some of the health priorities that you need to know about?
  • What nursing interventions make a difference especially to those with chronic conditions?
  • Why is evidence so important to the way you practice?
  • The latest information about a range of current treatments

Attend this local nurses’ conference and close gaps in your knowledge, skills, and practice.

Reviews of Lectures

"Very informative and enlightening."

"Not seeing many interesting wounds working in midwifery, this was an informative talk on current wound management. It was a shame though that the pictures of the different wounds wasn't allowed to be shown."

"good talk, hugely disappointing clinical images could not be seen!"