Nursing People in Prisons Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Nursing People in Prisons Conference.

Recorded Lectures

Introduction to Conference

High numbers of people are currently incarcerated in Australia’s prisons. This population is estimated to have a much higher rate of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hepatitis C, hypertension, asthma, and skin infections. As well, mental health conditions are widespread. Nurses play a crucial role in ensuring that while in prison these people receive health care that is equivalent to what people would receive in the community. An opportunity exists for nurses to take the lead and improve the physical and mental health outcomes for those who are incarcerated. This timely conference addresses the health needs of people in prison. Topics include:

  • Sleep in custody – you’re dreaming!
  • Metabolic monitoring and antipsychotic medicines
  • The ethics of euthanasia in prison
  • Death in custody and your duty of care
  • The psychology of sex offending and much, much more …
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Reviews of Lectures

"Hard to follow this lecturer as he spoke too fast and hurried through his explantions"

"Excellent & really interesting lecture by a highly articulate speaker - thank you!"