Resilience in Nursing - A Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Resilience in Nursing - A Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Resilience is a core human strength that enables health and well-being of self and others. Poor resilience is associated with stress and burnout and can affect patient outcomes. Attend this conference to inject some inspiration into your practice and discover:

  • Are you resilient?
  • Why are some people seemingly unaffected by stressful circumstances?
  • What is the link between resilience and high quality care?
  • How can resilience be learned?
  • Are compassion and empathy affected by resilience?
  • Which strategies will enhance personal resilience?
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Reviews of Lectures

"I found this presentation quite refreshing. Rachel has a great delivery process and projected her information with enthusiasm, professionalism and integrity."

"A good positive talk encouraging us to move more and receive the health benefits associated with moving."

"A subject rarely explored may it become a talking topic."