Feeding Babies and Toddlers

A collection of lectures recorded from Feeding Babies and Toddlers.

Introduction to Conference

Baby and childhood feeding habits can be fraught with problems which can often be easily remedied with the correct information. Attend this program and find out:

  • How to correctly conduct a breast and breastfeeding assessment
  • A simple and effective teaching model to teach breastfeeding
  • What infant formulae are the only suitable and safe alternatives to breast milk?
  • How to introduce solids according to NHMRC Guidelines
  • Dealing with food refusal
  • Can a child totally refuse to feed or eat?
  • Troubleshooting feeding difficulties from the outset

Reviews of Lectures


"Very useful and appropriate for my work.it makes me engaged with lecture and the presenter was fully confident and cleared doughts with relevant examples.Greatjob!"