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Breaking Point: Ice and Methamphetamine Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Breaking Point: Ice and Methamphetamine Conference.

Recorded Lectures

Introduction to Conference

Ice and methamphetamine have become significant drugs of concern for nurses and other health professionals. These concerns are not just related to health issues but also extend to personal protection and other significant social and community impacts. Attend this conference to be informed about the evidence and the facts underpinning these drugs. It includes:

  • A personal story of recovery from an ice addiction
  • How ice changes the brain
  • Why methamphetamine use can induce depression, anxiety, and psychosis
  • De-escalation techniques to defuse violent behaviour
  • The impact of ice use during the perinatal period
  • Treatments for methamphetamine addiction
  • A guide to accessing services and much, much more…

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Reviews of Lectures

"This surely will lead to a more fruitful tomorrow for the once drug user and recovered very well to help the society."

"Fantastic lecture, well worth watching."

"I enjoyed hearing personal insight from a person who has lived with drug addiction."