Alcohol and Illicit Drugs Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Alcohol and Illicit Drugs Conference.

Introduction to Conference

It is important that all nurses, including those working in remote and isolated communities, have a comprehensive understanding of the effects of illicit drugs and alcohol on the body and the mind. Topics include:

  • Alcohol-related brain disease
  • Safety when dealing with people on ‘ICE’
  • Assessing substance dependence
  • Patterns of drug use and harm
  • Principles of assessment of a person with addictions
  • Craving and reward
  • And much, much more
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Reviews of Lectures

"The presenter was interesting but hard to follow some times"

"A reinforcement of established knowledge with proof from a neuroscience aspect"

"Nothing here that I haven't seen on any SBS or abc programme about addiction, and nothing really here about the uses in practical terms. Lots of information about the research she is involved in, and I guess that's what she is funded to do. Other than that, not much information that I didn't already know, and nothing practical I can use in my work setting."