The Blood Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from The Blood Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Attend this very popular two-day conference to refresh your knowledge on blood - the sustainer of life. Review the role of blood and its components and consider clinical implications for common disorders. Includes:

  • Practical tips on how to take blood
  • A guide to interpreting pathology results
  • ‘The Clotting Cascade’ - understanding coagulation
  • Smart and safe use of a precious resource
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation - catastrophic clotting of the blood?
  • ‘Stop the Clot’ - DVT/PE prophylaxis and much, much more

Reviews of Lectures

"Very informative discussion about types of Hepatitis, HIV and AIDS which reinforces the knowledge of health professionals about theses viruses in order to minimise and avoid or reduce our risk of exposure."

"Thanks Carolyn, that was a fantastic overview of blood-borne pathogens."

"This en reinforced and broaden my knowledge on best practice of drawing blood. It prompted me to think critically about my own ideas. I understood the presenters key messages."