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Respiratory Nursing

A collection of lectures recorded from Respiratory Nursing.

Introduction to Conference

Dyspnoea can be distressing for the person and respiratory failure is frightening. Respiratory disease is prevalent in our society and most nurses will care for people with lung problems or respiratory. Attend this program and get up to date on:

  • Key anatomy, physiology and principles relating to the respiratory system
  • Skills to assess people with respiratory issues
  • Current nursing management of:
    • acute respiratory failure
    • asthma and COPD
    • respiratory tract infections
    • pneumothorax and lung trauma
  • Acute oxygen therapy: A New paradigm (Swim between the flags)
  • Effective use of inhaled therapy: inhaler device technique & enabling adherence
  • Basic interpretation of ABGs and CXRs

This seminar is relevant to all nurses who care for people with respiratory disease.

Reviews of Lectures

"This resource as highly informative"

"A great review on the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system"