Nurse Practitioners - Pharmacology and Prescribing Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Nurse Practitioners - Pharmacology and Prescribing Conference.

Introduction to Conference

There are now more than 1,400 nurse practitioners Australia-wide. As prescribers, it is necessary to ensure currency of knowledge in regard to correct prescribing and the appropriate use of medicines. Attend this conference and learn about:

  • The latest evidence, and changes to recommendations in relation to commonly prescribed medicines, including antidepressants, statins, immunisations and opioids
  • Prescribing in challenging situations, including neonatal and paediatrics, sexual health and chronic disease
  • Refreshers on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • A panel session comprised of Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists
  • Vitamin deficiencies, when to treat, and what to treat
  • An update on allergy and anaphylaxis in children with IgE-mediated
  • “Closing the Gap” and how you can participate
  • Breakout rooms and essential networking opportunities with colleagues from across Australia

Attend this conference, which is specifically designed to improve your patient outcomes.

Reviews of Lectures

"Very interesting and certainly this presenter is very aware of the issues that the aged have coping with inhalers"

"Very technical and dry presentation. More suited to specialist nurses & health practitioners."