Midwifery Challenges - CPD Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Midwifery Challenges - CPD Conference.

Recorded Lectures

Introduction to Conference

Modern midwifery is increasingly demanding. Rapid social changes and new evidence are affecting the way that midwives practice. Attend this annual Ausmed Education event to explore some of these challenges. Take time out to network with like-minded colleagues. Learn about:

  • The neonatal gut microbiome
  • Perineal wound infections - applying evidence to practice
  • Recognising and responding to neonatal sepsis
  • Pumps, cups, syringes and fingers - a look at alternative feeding techniques
  • The secret life of serotonin and much, much more...
Ausmed Education’s Midwifery Challenges – CPD Conferences are always highly evaluated and very popular. They are relevant to all midwives working in any setting and offer you a wonderful opportunity to ensure your knowledge does not slip. Don’t miss out – book now!

Reviews of Lectures