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Children: Rashes and Infections Seminar

A collection of lectures recorded from Children: Rashes and Infections Seminar.

Introduction to Conference

The assessment and management of a child with a rash, infection, or febrile illness is often not well understood and can be especially challenging. This seminar will provide nurses, and others who care for children, with the knowledge to assist in determining what may be causing a child’s rash, and how to manage any associated conditions.

Additionally, this interactive program will allow nurses to differentiate common, mild, and more serious infections that occur in children, and the assessment and ongoing management required. Case studies are included throughout the two-day program, involving conditions such as infectious rashes, non-infectious rashes, respiratory infections, neurological infections, and many more.

If you work with children regularly, or you are occasionally required to care for them, you will find this seminar to be essential learning. This seminar and this educator have been consistently highly evaluated and registrations are high, so book early to ensure your place.

Reviews of Lectures

"Good presentation of a relevant topic"

"Great overview of chicken pox and measles and the definition of rashes "