Cardiac Care: ECG Interpretation Made Easy

A collection of lectures recorded from Cardiac Care: ECG Interpretation Made Easy.

Introduction to Conference

Does your work require you to perform 12-lead ECGs? Do you feel confident in interpreting basic cardiac rhythms and recognising ECG changes? Is it time you had a refresher on the use of ECGs? If so, then these two highly evaluated study days are for you. This seminar will bring you up-to-date and refresh your knowledge of this key component of a cardiac assessment. Includes:

  • How do you prepare a patient for a 12-lead ECG?
  • What is the correct lead placement and why does this matter?
  • A review of relevant anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, key to cardiac function
  • Basic interpretation of a standard 12-lead ECG
  • How do you recognise ECG changes that suggest acute cardiac injury?
  • What do life-threatening arrhythmias look like and what actions should you take?

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Reviews of Lectures

"Very interesting and informative"

"The Educator makes it easier for me to understand and to retain the knowledge."

"Excellent speaker and very concise in her presentation. Very informative."