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Nursing Children Conference - Melbourne

A collection of lectures recorded from Nursing Children Conference - Melbourne.

Introduction to Conference

Attend this conference and gain relevant and useful knowledge about a range of conditions that relate to children. Discover practical strategies to improve care and promote well-being among infants and children. Topics include:

  • Understanding childhood coughs
  • Antibiotic use in children
  • Rheumatic fever - an ongoing problem
  • Breastfeeding long term - when is it time to stop?
  • Identifying non-blanching rashes
  • When is a child no longer a child?
  • Mandatory reporting and much much more...

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Reviews of Lectures

"thankyou for this education. will need to watch again incase I missed information I know I will talk about this with work mates to help our assessment of pts. Also the important need to talk about stroke in the community, making them aware of the signs and symptoms and the important need to get to the hospital with there concerns. "

"This is a great resource and thank you Belinda for taking the time to educate us all."

"A good resource easy to listen and understand. "