Surviving Shiftwork Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Surviving Shiftwork Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Shiftwork, put plainly, is working outside of daylight hours. Many people work these hours, but for nurses and midwives shiftwork represents the bulk, if not all, of our working lives. Despite the global numbers of people employed as shiftworkers, it can often feel like you’re the ONLY person going to work when everyone else is going home. Evidence is now revealing the physical and emotional consequences of shiftwork. It is therefore timely that formal education is available to all nurses and midwives to ensure you can feel safe, confident and prepared to survive the demands of shiftwork. Learn about:

  • How fatigue impacts your cognitive performance
  • The dangers of chronically-raised cortisol levels
  • Simple techniques that can promote relaxation
  • How to incorporate better nutrition and more activity into your life
  • Managing feelings of disconnect, guilt, and resentment
  • Overcoming occupational worry – how to go home happy!
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Reviews of Lectures

"Very Interesting and informative."

"Educator is easy to understand and kept my attention throughout"