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The Nurse Health Coach Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from The Nurse Health Coach Conference.

Recorded Lectures

Introduction to Conference

A raft of lifelong conditions require energy-intense efforts from both individuals and nurses for long-term wellness to be sustained. Traditional biomedical models tend to focus on advice giving and often fail to address the complex set of psychological factors that affect behaviour change. Attend this conference to discover how health coaching principles can support you, to enable people with chronic diseases to move from a point of illness to a state of wellness. Topics include:

  • An exploration of nurse health coaching
  • Converting goals and intentions into behaviour
  • Tips for dealing with setbacks and negativity
  • Why boundaries are essential AND how to make them stick
  • Practical strategies to overcome barriers to behaviour change
  • How to develop self-awareness around your own wellbeing and much, much more…
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Reviews of Lectures