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Disaster Nursing Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Disaster Nursing Conference.

Introduction to Conference

All countries experience disasters of some kind and they are usually unpredictable. Australia regularly experiences natural events such as floods, fires, and cyclones. In an increasingly unstable world, attacks against the state, such as terrorist attacks, are also a sad reality. In any such event, as a nurse you are likely to be called upon to step up and act – clinically and in the community. While your hospital or workplace is likely to have an emergency management plan, have you thought about your own response? Are you prepared to rise to the challenge? What’s YOUR disaster management plan? Topics include:

  • How one nurse triaged 70 people after the Bali Bombings ...
  • What it’s like being deployed to a high conflict military zone
  • How hospitals prepare for mass casualty incidents
  • Parent matching and tracking when children are affected
  • The neuroscience of trauma
  • Plenty of stories, networking and much, much more ...
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Reviews of Lectures

"This has been quite informative and l have benefited from realizing the importance of nurses psychologically as well as clinically in the disaster situation. Also using all staff to their level and area of expertise."

"Great insite and practical comments about disaster management . Very interesting the emotional and psychological support is In demand the most."