What Great Nurse Educators Do! Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from What Great Nurse Educators Do! Conference.

Introduction to Conference

You – a Nurse Educator – are more important now than ever before. Why? Because the nursing profession is evolving at a rapid rate, with more responsibility and expectation being placed on nurses everyday. As a nurse educator, it is your role to ensure staff remain current, safe and passionate – a stressful task at the best of times. This conference is designed to help you glue together the needs of management, staff and, ultimately, patients by designing educational programs that inspire your staff to become lifelong learners to improve patient outcomes. Discover:

  • Traits of great nurse educators...
  • How the adult learner differs and other secrets to engaging learners
  • Practical tips to help you deal with those resistant to change
  • How great nurse educators develop great in-services and study days
  • The science behind motivation and how to reward your learners
  • Supporting YOU - preventing professional burnout and much, much more...

Reviews of Lectures