Cannabis - Weeding Out the Facts Conference

A collection of lectures recorded from Cannabis - Weeding Out the Facts Conference.

Introduction to Conference

Cannabis aka marijuana, weed, grass, ganja, hemp, etc. is a hot topic in today’s healthcare environment due to recent changes in legislation. These changes affect nurses, midwives, and other health professionals. Attend this conference to find out more and separate the myths from the facts. It includes:

  • What is the difference between medicinal and illicit cannabis?
  • How does cannabis affect a person’s body and brain?
  • Cannabinoids, cannabidiol and tetra-hydro cannabinol - what’s the difference?
  • What is its therapeutic uses?
  • Is it addictive?
  • Who can legally access medicinal cannabis?
  • What are the legal, ethical, and clinical considerations for health professionals?
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Reviews of Lectures

"The research would be flawed and incorrect outcomes gained due to the fact that a percentage of cannabis users mix the cannabis with tobacco. Given this fact, the motivation to use cannabis may not be for cannabis, but to nicotine."

"It was a great lecture, I really enjoyed it, thank you."

"Interesting honest discussion regarding new medicinal canabis"