How to Assess a Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Cannula

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Most patients need at least one peripheral intravenous cannula (also known as an intravenous catheter) (PIVC) during their hospital stay for IV fluids and medications, blood products or nutrition. Many PIVCs are left in without orders for IV fluids or medications. Others are never used at all.

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Most patients need at least one peripheral intravenous cannula (also referred to as intravenous catheter) (PIVC) during their hospital stay for IV fluids and medications, blood products or nutrition. PIVC complications are common but they can be prevented or minimised by routine assessment.

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Gillian Ray-Barruel
Endeavour Leadership Award Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Honorary Research Fellow, Visiting Scholar
Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel is a leading nursing and ICU researcher who coordinated the OMG Study, which recruited more than 40,000 patients with peripheral intravenous catheters globally. Gillian has extensive experience in vascular access devices research, critical care nursing, patient assessment, project management, medical writing and editing, and clinical trials coordination. Gillian is fully funded by a highly competitive Griffith University post-doctoral fellowship to improve assessment and action by bedside clinicians regarding the prevention of IV complications.
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Oleg Dronov
27 Jun 2020
Sanna Walia
28 Jun 2020
It will be very helpful as person if I work at Public birthing suite
Lynda Walker
28 Jun 2020
It covered what I already knew and this helps with my confidence reassuring me I am doing this procedure correctly
Nicola Bayes
28 Jun 2020
Simple, basic quick refresher - good diagram
Charlotte Brasler
26 Oct 2021
Nicole walker
29 Jun 2020
Great to go over general knowledge Great information
Portrait of Maria Servie B. Palcolan
Maria Palcolan
11 Oct 2021
Intravenous therapy is very important in practice of nursing, reviewing this topic helped me refresh my knowledge and be competent.
Jo-Anne Asgill
30 Jun 2020
Excellent refresher course.
Joe Nachef
07 Jun 2022
Registered Nurse
Good quick information and review of knowledge.
08 Sep 2021
A short and concise assessment for PIVCs
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